Terms & Conditions

This document, along with details mentioned under the "Customer Assistance" segment of our site and any referenced documents, embodies the "User Agreement" that oversees your usage of our site https://tribecatribe.co, its sub-domains, other websites overseen by us or representing us, and any mobile or desktop applications designed by or representing us (collectively referred to as the "Platform"). Additionally, this agreement governs other facilities we offer ("Facilities'').

It's imperative that you meticulously peruse this User Agreement before utilizing our Facilities. Be informed that by availing our Facilities, you implicitly concur with this User Agreement. In the event that you disagree with any clause, we kindly request you to discontinue usage of our Platform. If you decide to persist or place an order, this will be viewed as your nod of acceptance to this User Agreement.

Decoding the User Agreement

Certain terminologies in this User Agreement have been endowed with specific interpretations (termed as 'particular phrases'). These particular phrases commence with uppercase alphabets. Their specific meanings are elucidated within the context where they are introduced, generally enclosed in brackets.

Whenever "Tribeca Tribe", "our", "us", or "we" is mentioned, it refers to Tribeca Tribe Limited or its relevant associate entities. The term "user" or "you" pertains to the individual accessing our Facilities.

Headings are incorporated to simplify your understanding. It's recommended to either print or digitally store this User Agreement for future reference. Do remember, this User Agreement may undergo modifications; hence always ensure you're abreast with the latest version.

Our Identity

Note: Purchasing from brands or boutiques enumerated in section 20 has its unique terms. Refer to section 20 for clarity.

We are represented by Tribeca Tribe Limited, together with our associate entities, running the Platform. All relevant corporate details, including registration, office location, and VAT number, remain as initially provided.

Despite us facilitating the Platform, the product contract is set up between you and the third-party vendors ("Associate(s)"). We function in the capacity of representatives for the Associates, not as principal sellers. Hence, products aren't bought from us. Detailed insights on the products, Associates, and purchasing contracts are elucidated in sections 5, 6, and 7.

Our Facilities

Our Facilities permit users to sift through the Platform and purchase items from global Associate boutiques and brands. Some complementary services, like ensuring product delivery and customer support, are also encompassed. Specific Tribeca Tribe entity offering services is dependent on user location. However, the product purchase agreement is set up directly with the concerned Associate.

Users must be at least 18 years old to utilize our Facilities.

Our Commitment and Limitations

Should we falter in adhering to this User Agreement while offering Facilities, we are accountable for any foreseeable losses stemming from our negligence or breach. Yet, unforeseeable consequences remain outside our purview of responsibility. We do not exclude or minimize our obligations or liability in scenarios where it would be unlawful to do so.

The Items

We strive to depict products on the Platform as accurately as feasible. But product descriptions rely on data from our Associates, so they may sometimes fall short of being comprehensive or error-free. Imagery used is purely illustrative.

Products from Associates are of standard market quality. In case of discrepancies, flawed items, or sub-par quality, we facilitate returns and refunds. As consumers, your legal rights in such contexts remain unaffected.

It's assumed that products bought are for personal, non-commercial use. Adhering to specific export and re-export regulations is also vital.

Tribeca Tribe Associates

As highlighted before, the deal for acquiring items is between the buyer and the particular Associate. We function in an intermediary capacity, sanctioned by the Associate to finalize deals in their name. However, we're not participants in this deal, nor are you obtaining items from us or via our intermediary capacity. When securing items on our Digital Interface, we collect and hold your payment on the Associate's behalf, forwarding the corresponding amount post delivery.

For transactions utilizing virtual currency, you'll be directed to our crypto-partner, TripleAlpha, for purchase completion. Payments to TripleAlpha settle your obligations regarding your acquisition from Tribeca Tribe.

We expect all Associates using our Digital Interface to uphold operational standards in line with ours. But, we can't be accountable for their methods. Discontented with a product or service from an Associate? Contact us, and we'll coordinate with the concerned Associate aiming for a solution.

Further insights about the Associates and their portfolio can be found on our Shopping Guide page.

Placements, Costing, Transactions, and Charges

NOTICE: When procuring items from any label or shop mentioned at the close of segment 30 ("Designated Associates"), varying or additional terms might come into play. Check segment 30 for further clarity.

The protocol for making a placement is elaborated in our "Procedure for Placement & Transactions" subsection of our Shopping Guide.

By navigating the payment gateway and confirming a placement via the "Confirm Placement" option, you're expressing intent to secure items from the said Associate (not us directly). This placement is governed by these Guidelines, forming a part of the agreement with the Associate. Situations like product non-availability or pricing adjustments might lead to modifications or cancellations. If a desired item isn't in stock, Tribeca Tribe might opt to fetch it from a different Associate on your behalf. In such cases, an email notification will be sent. Upon cementing the agreement with the Associate, they are bound by law to ensure the items are in agreement conformity. Ownership is transferred to you once dispatched, but the risk remains with Tribeca Tribe and/or the Associate until delivery.

For product placements, you need to be 18+ and have an authentic transaction method (refer to section (c) for modes). Committing implies your details are accurate, you're 18+, and you're empowered to use your chosen method, ensuring adequate funds.

Our Digital Interface allows for placement review and error rectification prior to finalization. Please peruse your placement details at each phase, ensuring accuracy.

(a) Agreement initiation with the Associate. The Associate's identity becomes apparent during placement confirmation.

Post-placement, a validation email will follow. The deal is inked upon this email dispatch. Availability and pricing can influence the placement's status. If a desired item isn't available, Tribeca Tribe might opt to fetch it from another Associate, with an email update. The email includes item details and rights of cancellation (look at segment 40 for more).

(b) Costing, Availability, and Charges. Our aim is accurate product details and pricing, as provided by Associates. Discrepancies, if any, will be promptly communicated, allowing for reaffirmation or cancellation. If contact fails, the order is deemed canceled with an immediate refund if payment had been made.

Delivery charges apply separately. Exact amounts depend on the order and delivery point, and are presented during checkout, summed in the "Final Cost". Delivery location impacts applicable taxes and extra charges. Items sourced from outside one's territory might entail import duties. These might be highlighted during checkout. If not, the responsibility lies with the buyer. For a comprehensive understanding of potential charges, liaise with local customs or reference the "Custom Charges" segment under our Orders and Shipping page.

For patrons in the US, Tribecatribe.co US LLC might levy and garner relevant sales or usage taxes on transactions conducted via the website. Even if we don’t collect such taxes, your acquisition may still fall under sales or usage tax unless explicitly tax-exempt. It's worth noting that many states mandate customers to report untaxed taxable purchases yearly. For a detailed understanding, consult your local tax authorities.

Should you choose to return a product, any taxes or customs duties initially included in the product's cost will be refunded. If they weren’t part of the original cost, reclaiming the duty from local customs becomes your responsibility.

The specific entity overseeing your transaction processing hinges on your geographic location. If you’re in the USA, then tribecatribe.co US LLC supervises the payment procedures; for other global locations, Tribeca Tribe Limited or its affiliates handle it.

For cryptocurrency transactions, during order placement, you'll be directed to our digital currency transaction associate, TripleA. Completing your purchase with TripleA fulfills your payment duties concerning your acquisition from Tribeca Tribe.

On rare occasions, if complications arise while processing your order, we or the Partner might reach out, possibly seeking added details to address the issue.

We, or the Partner, might opt not to process your order if, for instance, the product isn't available, withdrawn, or if transaction authorization fails, or if eligibility isn't met (like being under 18).


Your order's anticipated delivery timeframe will be communicated in the order acknowledgment email. Absent a delivery estimate from us, we aim to execute the delivery within 30 days post-dispatch. While we aim to adhere to estimated delivery dates, unforeseen circumstances might prompt delays (refer to section 15 for details). If delays occur, we strive to expedite the delivery but aren't accountable for any resultant losses. Delivery schedules might fluctuate based on product availability and your location. Deliveries, even those on the same day, are estimated and aren't guaranteed. Orders are directly delivered by the Partner(s), so your items might come in multiple batches at varied times.

If your location lacks a recipient to acknowledge the order, our shipping ally will leave a note, prompting you to reschedule.

At times, our delivery partners might offer optional services, such as: signature waivers, neighbor deliveries, rescheduling, or local collection points. Opting for these means Tribeca Tribe isn't accountable for any potential losses or damages stemming from such delivery methods. For comprehensive info on our shipping processes, please peruse our Orders & Shipping section. We also provide an option to pick up your order from affiliated Partners. For insights, view our Click & Collect segment.

Global Shipping

We cater to several global destinations, detailed in our Orders & Shipping section. Some items may have shipping restrictions based on the destination. When ordering internationally, be prepared for potential import duties and taxes upon package arrival. For more about duties and taxes, revisit section 7(b). Ensure you adhere to the laws of the destination country; any legal breaches aren't our liability.

Product Returns and Order Cancellation

For insights on product returns, consult our Returns & Refund Policy. For specifics on leveraging your right to cancel under the CCRs, see the subsequent sections.

Kindly be aware that in some scenarios, the Partner might decline your product return. At its discretion, Tribeca Tribe (or its associated entities) may opt to acquire the product from you. In such an instance, you agree that the product’s legal ownership automatically transfers to Tribeca Tribe (or the associated entity) upon the decision to purchase.

Cancellation Rights Under Consumer Legislation

Depending on your residence, you may possess the right to retract your order under the Consumer Agreement (Details, Retraction, and Additional Fees). This implies that during a specific window, if you reconsider or decide for whatever reason that you no longer wish to retain the products, you can inform us of your decision to withdraw the order.

When products are sent back to the corresponding Vendor, you'll be refunded fully, which includes initial shipping fees. But, the responsibility to organize and pay for the product's return to the Vendor falls on you. It's important to mention, our Complimentary Returns service (refer to Returns & Reimbursement Guidelines) isn't applicable to orders withdrawn under CARs.

Procedure to Withdraw Under CARs: Excluding certain product types mentioned in the Returns Guidelines, you have the option to retract an agreement anytime before your items are delivered and up to 14 days after, starting the day post-product reception (known as the "reflection period").

Standard Withdrawal/Cancellation Form

(Use and return this form exclusively if you desire to retract from the contract)

I/We hereby announce my/our retraction from my/our sales contract of the below products/services*

*erase as needed

Placed On:

Obtained On:

Consumer(s) Name:

Consumer(s) Address:

Signature (only if printed and sent):


For returns through our Complimentary Returns service, please refer to our Returns & Reimbursements Guidelines.

11) Our Digital Platform

This segment establishes rules linked to your Website use (irrespective of ordering products or simply browsing). Using the Website implies acceptance of these rules. If these aren't agreeable, kindly exit the Website.

(a) Website Access. There's no charge to access the Website, but arranging necessary accessibility tools is your responsibility. Also, it's pivotal for anyone using the Website via your connection to be acquainted with these Terms.

Temporary Website access doesn't grant commercial exploitation rights. Any commercial use, including reproducing or leveraging the Website's contents, requires our prior consent.

We can alter or revoke Website access without prior notice. There might be restrictions imposed on some Website parts. We're not liable if the Website isn't accessible for any reason at any given time.

(b) User Behavior. Ensure the Website isn't used in ways that might damage or obstruct its function. The Website is strictly for lawful activities.

Engaging in illicit activities, sending harmful or prohibited content, or causing distress or inconvenience to others may result in legal actions.

(c) Third-party Offerings on the Website. Our Website might showcase products or services from third parties (excluding our Vendors). Your interaction with such offerings might be governed by additional terms. We hold no liability for these third-party products or services. Using them is at your discretion.

(d) Linking to Us. You can link to our Website in a fair and legal manner without implying any unwarranted association. We reserve link removal rights.

(e) Our Liability. The Website's content might undergo updates, but there's no obligation to do so. Therefore, at times, information might not be current. Our Website is for general information, not as professional advice. We're not liable for loss or damage related to Website usage or its content.

Website Usage

Our Website is intended primarily for personal, non-commercial use. We are not liable for any loss of profit, business disruptions, or business opportunity losses. We won't be held responsible for damages from viruses, DDoS attacks, or other malicious technological interferences that could harm your computer, data, or software due to Website use. Our liability doesn't cover:

Injury or death due to our negligence.

Deceptive activities or misrepresentation.

Any liability not limitable by law.

Service provision liabilities and product supply by our Partners have unique restrictions as detailed in section 4.

Data Privacy Statement

We process your data based on our Data Privacy Statement. Kindly review it, as it offers crucial insights into our data collection and utilization. By navigating our Website, you agree to our data handling as outlined in our Data Privacy Statement, ensuring the data you supply is correct.

Ownership of Intellectual Assets

We possess or have licensing rights for all intellectual assets on our Website, including, but not limited to, texts, graphics, logos, images, and software. These are shielded by global copyright and relevant national laws. All rights are reserved.

You cannot extract or repurpose significant portions of the Website, especially using data extraction tools. Any intent to establish a database containing sizeable elements of our Website, like product details or prices, requires our explicit consent.

Not all names, trademarks, or product/service images on the Website indicate an association or endorsement by us. Trademarks displayed belong to their respective proprietors.

Responsible Sourcing

Being a trusted business, we prioritize ethical sourcing. We expect our Partners and suppliers to maintain workplaces that prioritize employee well-being and respect human rights. They should adhere to local employment norms concerning aspects like minimum employment age, health, and working conditions. We proactively ensure our Partners respect these principles. Products sourced from countries flouting these principles are prohibited on our platform.

Starting April 2022, we have ceased selling items made from or containing angora fur. Also, any product made from exotic skins must have CITES certification and comply with CITES and IUCN guidelines.

Children's Products Guidelines

The guidelines for selling children's products on our platform emphasize safety. Partners must seek periodic advice from the brand or manufacturer about the product's compliance with the destination country's safety norms. While we collaborate with our Partners, it's their duty to ensure sold products meet relevant standards. For more details, connect with our Customer Support.

Exclusive Sales on Invitation

This is a restricted event. Invited users need to log in to view offers. Please don't disclose details through any means, digital or otherwise. Any breach may result in account suspension. We can revoke this offer anytime.

Last Chance Sales

Items labeled 'Final Sale' are excluded from our regular return policy and might not be returnable. Any return or refund is at our sole discretion.

Additional Information

We retain the right to close your account or modify future orders at our discretion. If a section of these Terms is deemed unenforceable, other sections remain effective. Non-action on our part for any breach doesn't imply a waiver. Any waiver is official only if in writing. Any failure in our or our Partners' service due to unforeseen events is not our or our Partner's fault.

Disputes and Legalities

Our operations, including your orders and these Terms, are governed by English law. Any disputes are to be settled in English courts.

Purchases from Chosen Partners

If you're purchasing from certain listed Partners:

  • Details about us remain, but with some modifications.
  • The purchasing contract is between you and the Partner.
  • While we ensure accurate product details and prices, there could be errors. Any pricing mistake will be communicated, offering an option to confirm or cancel the order.